Fast fashion or fashion fast, is the question!

 Did you already notice the collections of this season?!Of course you did!! They’re simply A M A Z I N G, but, when the money isn’t enough to buy that specific brand, why not “FAST FASHION” as an option?! You can buy fast fashion just around the corner! Nowadays, they’re so similar to the real brand, that i think you can use them without shame or even prejudgement! I’m not saying that you can’t buy something brandish, when i really want that specific item, i don’t mind to spend more money! I confess that i’m a fashionaholic and i don’t mind to spend some money in items that are worth it and you can use over and over again! Anyway, fashion is a viscious circle, this season is a hot, next one is a not! Invest in some pieces is an advice that i give you guys! But that, you already know!


  You have so many options to create fashionable looks, for example Zara, H&M,ASOS, Topshop even at Farfetch, yes in Farfetch, that site fulllll of luxe and cool clothes and accessories, you have the chance to buy something at a reasonable price (and with that i mean 180 euros for example) ! And if you decide to loose your head with a nice skirt from Red Valentino, you can mix and match with something you buyed in a fast fashion store and be that “it girl”  just spending a few euros! One of my favourite things, is to use to create my looks before i buy them, so i can have an idea how they work together! But, i’m not a normal girl, i know!!

So here is my wishlist for July:

Image1 Red Valentino; 2 D’squared; 3 Asos; 4 Zara; 5 Zara; 6 H&M; 7 Zara; 8 H&M; 9 Zara; 10 H&M

Enjoy of your fashion pleaters!


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